Miss Ellie Cunnigham RIP










Miss Ellie Cunningham was born with Cytomeglovirus (CMV), a virus which caused her a variety of problems throughout her short life. Miss Ellie was born deaf and blind with Cerebral Palsy and major liver disease. Her condition was so severe that she was unable to avail of a liver transplant.

Miss Ellie was an only child until she was seven, when her little brother Thomas was born. She was thrilled to be a big sister.

Despite her constant hospital stays and medical difficulties, Miss Ellie was a warrior. She never gave up. When Miss Ellie was near the end of her battle, BUMBLEance wanted to help. Ellie’s mum, Amy, contacted us to ask about our very special ‘Angel Trips,’ which are so important to critically ill children and their families. Ellie’s Angel Trip allowed her to make one final trip to Wexford with her loved ones, and allowed her a chance to say her final goodbyes. Every moment spent with her family was precious, and BUMBLEance was there to treat her like a Queen.

Describing Miss Ellie’s Angel Trip, her mum Amy said: “The magic of BUMBLEance is something we will treasure forever.” Miss Ellie Cunningham grew her Angel Wings in September 2014.