Alice Boyd was just 5 weeks old when she was diagnosed with Osteogenesis Imperfecta – Brittle Bone Disorder. Alice refuses to let her condition hold her back. She loves to spend time playing with her five brothers and sisters, and she loves school and her friends. Alice has suffered from 26 bone fractures during her short life, but she still lives it to the fullest.

Alice’s condition required her third surgery in Sheffield Children’s Hospital. With both of her legs in casts, transporting Alice was very difficult and very uncomfortable. This is when BUMBLEance stepped in. Our BUMBLEance team was delighted to collect our little Queen Bee directly off her flight to Belfast Airport, and were instrumental in ensuring that Alice’s journey was fun and stress free.

As Alice’s mum, Jacky, said: “Alice’s journey would be impossible without BUMBLEance.”