Six-year-old, Aishlinn Quaid was the first little girl in the world to use BUMBLEance. At the age of 10 weeks, Aishlinn was diagnosed with a brain tumour, and spent several years travelling to Dublin for treatments and operations. Her parents, Eamon and Marie, experienced the stress involved with transporting a sick child by car. They needed to bring Aishlinn’s vital medical equipment with them on every journey. These long, uncomfortable journeys also caused Aishlinn considerable distress before her treatments.

BUMBLEance removed the stress and distress. Our trained paramedics, the top-of-the-range medical equipment and the child-friendly entertainment system, made the trip not just easier for the family, but Aishlinn arrived at her appointments much more relaxed and happy. Her parents no longer faced then struggle and anxiety of trying to fit everything into a car

During her journeys aboard BUMBLEance, Aishlinn relaxed, watched her favourite show, Balamory, or spoke to her Grandad via Skype.

Aishlinn was a very special Queen Bee who grew her Angel Wings on 7 November 2013. Her beautiful smile left a lasting impression on all of us.