What We Do

At the Saoirse Foundation we help sick children across Ireland. We offer much needed support, guidance and information to families. As our charity has continued to grow we have been able to help more critically ill children nationwide. We provide different services and supports through our three initiatives:


BUMBLEance is the Children’s National Ambulance Service. We transport critically ill children across the country in comfort. We understand the stress of transporting a critically ill child and we are here to help. We want to create a world where the fear of an ambulance journey no longer exists for a child. BUMBLEance delivers smiles to critically ill children.

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Bee for Battens provides care and support to all the children and families affected by Battens Disease in Ireland. We are working to advance the education of the medical profession about Battens Disease and to promote global research into the management of this fatal neurological condition. We aim to raise awareness and fight Battens Disease worldwide.

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Liams Lodge - National Respite Centre

Liam’s Lodge aims to be a respite for the families who care for children suffering from debilitating disorders and life limiting conditions. These respite breaks are vital to ‘recharge the batteries’ of those parents, whose sick child has high dependency needs.

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