Accountability, transparency and cost-effectiveness are vital to the Saoirse Foundation. We are honest and ethical in all that we do and work hard to be worthy of the ongoing trust and support of our volunteers and donors. We act responsibly and work to high standards of governance.

Our Ethical Values are defined as follows:
• Put Children First – We put the happiness, delight and well-being of children first in everything we do.
• Impact Driven – We strive to maximize the impact in everything we do, to make positive life impacts in the lives of children affected by rare and genetic disease and those who use our BUMBLEance services.
• Awareness Building – We strive in every communication we make or deed we do to broaden the awareness of rare and genetic disease, and the challenges of those who use our BUMBLEance services.
• Always Learning – We are constantly seeking to improve our services, operations and approach. We take the feedback on-board of all our stakeholders.
• Partnership Approach – We always seek to partner & develop long term relationships, particularily with those who know more and believe that together we can achieve more than working alone.
• Respect and Dignity – We aim to always treat our clients, staff, volunteers, partners and stakeholders with the respect and dignity they deserve.
• Accountable and Transparent – We will be honest & accountable to all our stakeholders and strive to operate our services, fundraising and resourcing openly and transparently.