The BUMBLEance Golf Classic, 9th May 2014

Dooks Golf Course in Kerry celebrates their 125th year this year. Steeped in history and beautiful surroundings it is a course to be enjoyed if you haven’t yet had the pleasure. The gang at BUMBLEance want to make this a possibility and on Friday 9th of May they are hosting the BUMBLEance Golf Classic at Dook’s Golf Club.

For just €200 for a four-ball you can take in the beautiful surrounds and support a fabulous cause. Tony and Mary Heffernan, living in Kerry, lost their daughter Saoirse to Battens Disease in 2011 and their son Liam, 5, is living with Battens Disease and has just outlived his sister by one month.

Following many uncomfortable trips in ambulances and cars to treatment centres the Heffernans, through The Saoirse Foundation have created the World’s first interactive children’s ambulance service. The BUMBLEance is a fully functioning emergency ambulance, but what makes BUMBLEance different is that it looks like a Bumble Bee from the outside and inside it has everything a child might need to distract from a stressful journey.

The BUMBLEance provides scheduled transportation for sick children to and from their appointments. Parents can travel with their child in the back and the family has full access to a Sony Playstation, an iPad with full itunes library of books, movies and music, control of the lighting and sound and essentially their entire environment.

The child is in control of the journey which results in the child and parents arriving to sometimes very difficult procedures or treatments in a relaxed state. The medical community have commented that this has an enormous knock-on effect throughout the entire hospital visit.

The Heffernan’s reasons for creating BUMBLEance are clear: “Speaking from our personal experience, we saw the stress our late daughter Saoirse experienced when undertaking many ambulance journeys from the family home in rural Ireland to the National Children’s Hospitals in Dublin.  We decided that there was no point doing nothing about it”.

Michelle McGreevy, General Manager of Dook’s Golf Club is delighted to host the BUMBLEance Golf Classic. She said “This is a fantastic opportunity for us here at Dook’s to see first hand the wonderful work that BUMBLEance does all over the country. The BUMBLEance Golf Classic will start at 7am and finish at 4pm. We have people come from all over the world to play our course so we are sure that the card will fill up quickly for the 9th May.”

Tony Heffernan added: “Our vision is to have one BUMBLEance for each province by the end of 2015 plus an additional BUMBLEance for Dublin. We want to be in a position to offer this service to every parent of a sick child that requires ambulance transportation to appointments and would ask everyone to support us and also to send us old mobile phones to guarantee the growth of our service. In the future we hope BUMBLEance will take off, literally.”

All money raised on the day will go directly into keeping the BUMBLEance on the road and funding another one for each of the provinces of Ireland.

To book a tee time please contact John on 066-9768205 or Susanna on 087-6800789

For further information:

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