The Saoirse Foundation is a registered non-profit organisation established by Tony and Mary Heffernan in 2010. Named after their daughter, Saoirse, the charity originally focused on helping children suffering from rare genetic diseases, such as Batten Disease. We are active in advocacy and promotion of rare & genetic disorders and are actively involved in a number of national and international medical research and steering groups.

As the charity grew, it began to help more children in need. Now, through our 3 initiatives, we help critically ill children nationwide. If a child suffers from cancer, a chronic illness or a life limiting condition the Saoirse Foundation will offer as much support as we can. BUMBLEance provides much needed transport for these children, Liam’sLodge will offer respite for their entire family, and Bee for Battens supports all those affected by Batten Disease.

The Saoirse Foundation makes positive life impacts for sick children, and we will continue to help more critically ill children in the future.

The Board of the Saoirse Foundation are committed to being fully compliant with the requirements of the Governance Code and will continue to implement the Principles of Good Governance and verify our commitment on an annual basis. Find out more